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If you are a smoker and are trying to give it up, or are thinking about it, visit www.quit.org.uk, a charity commited to helping you beat your addiction.

QUIT has also launched a counselling by e mail service stopsmoking@quit.org.uk and Quitline 0800 00 22 00 is run entirely by trained counsellors who offer friendly help and advice on how to stop smoking. Quitline is open from 9am -9pm daily, seven days a week.

QUIT also provides services for minority ethnic languages, they currently run helplines in the following languages:

Bengali 0800 00 22 44
Gujarati 0800 0022 55
Hindi 0800 00 22 66
Punjabi 0800 00 22 77
Urdu 0800 00 22 88
Turkish and Kurdish 0800 00 22 99.

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